UK student visas requirements apply to various categories of student applicant either the person is applying from abroad to enter the UK as a student or prospective student or whether the individual is already here in the UK and wants to extend their leave as a student or intends to engage in a course of study.

 Students of all categories should first decide what rule applies to them they can do this by consulting an immigration adviser like a solicitor or lawyer and then make sure they submit their application in good time. UK student visas are granted to successful applicants in some of the following categories; Tier 4 (Child) student, child student, Tier 4(General) Student, Student Visitor and Prospective Students.

 Applicants applying for UK student visas in the Tier 4 (General) Student category must ensure that they have the adequate amount of funds in addition to their course fees for maintenance and accommodation for the duration of their intended course. In some categories, students are allowed to work for a number of hours during term time.

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